day 675: guilt

tenseFor context listen to this video about guilt.

I was speaking to someone today about how guilt prevents us from taking real steps to create solutions. Guilt is bit like masturbation, same with feeling pity, it does in a strange way make you feel good about yourself, after all, you’re feeling pity for others, feeling sorry for others, and feeling not so great that others are suffering, and that’s about it, you have done your part for humanity, by feeling sorry for them. Yet nothing practical whatsoever came out of your feeling of pity, or sorry, or guilt. But you did feel good about your altruism. Guilt is a total mindfuck.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use feelings of guilt to escape from taking self-responsibility for creating real solutions for this world and for myself.

What I have done is use guilt or feelings of pity to actually feel good about myself. “Look at least I feel sorry for the situation”.  Within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use guilt as an excuse from taking any further actions, within the hidden understanding that ‘feeling guilt is more than enough from my part’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize guilt, pity, feeling sorry are all related, as they do nothing practical, other than make me feel good in a subtle way, like mental masturbation.  

So when and as I see myself overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, or pity, or feeling sorry for another, I stop I breathe, I bring myself here, in realizing that my pity for another, my guilt about the situation does nothing practical. I direct myself to breathe and not participate in these feelings and emotions.

I direct myself to look at ways to correct the situation, or correcting a pattern within myself which contribute to this guilt, etc. Here I see I am moving towards practical solutions.

Past mistakes are apparently great sources of guilt, and here I direct myself to prevent similar mistakes in the future, as they say “prevention is the best cure”. No need for pity, no need for guilt, no need for feeling sorry, correction is the focus.

Empathy however is a different cup of tea, where you place yourself in the shoes of another, and look for solutions, corrections etc. It may be that the solutions that you’re creating for the given situation will take decades to manifest, as there are no quick fixes for some problems, then so be it, the key is participating in the creation process of solutions without being consumed by guilt or pity.

For example, study #LivingIncome which is a solution for the economic crisis many feel in this world, it might take years if not decades to manifest, with your consistent participation and contribution, someday it will be a reality, however, feeling guilt or sorry for those suffering souls ain’t going to do a thing other than make you feel good about yourself for feeling sorry for them.

Investigate practical solutions before it’s too late: – Participate in Forums or Search Desteni Material.
Living Income Guaranteed – An Economic Solution.
DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with Self Support.
DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews to Self Perfection.
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The master of war – “Be a Cure, not a Disease”.
You’re me in another Life – by Bernard Poolman



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