day 677: Made In China: a hell for 61 million rural children.

boy“I know you mean well for us, but we should go now,” the note read. “I dream about death, and yet that dream never comes true. Today it must finally come true.”  – Abandoned Children and China’s Socio-Economic Apartheid

Those are the words from a suicide note left by a child, who ended his life along with his three sisters. Last month in China, these four rural children committed suicide by drinking pesticide. They had been abandoned by their parents who had gone to the big cities in search of work.

These are the “left-behind” children of China. Unlike here in Canada, where a citizen can work in any part of the country without a work permit, the Chinese migrant workers are treated as if China is under an apartheid system discriminating the rural from the city workers. Essentially, this apartheid is maintained by a system of registration of your household.

Migrant workers have very little rights in the big cities, and settling down with their families is not a choice, so to survive they leave behind their families and children in the village. An estimated 61 million are so-called left behind children, and their conditions are only getting worse, emotional trauma, depression, and in some cases suicide are becoming normal.

So the factory of the world is producing every gadget under the sun, yet it cannot take care of its own migrant workers and their families? It is appalling how these workers are treated and discriminated against. A form of caste system, because if you’re from the village, certainly you must be ‘backward’, ‘uneducated’, and perhaps only suitable for labor type work in the big cities, obviously if you’re a good-looking female, you can always find ample work, in and around the factories or basically anywhere in the big cities. Sex trade in China thanks to mega economic growth is a steamy subject for another blog.

The left behind children story must be told and solutions must be found. So much for the celebrated growth of Capitalism in China, the mess it has created is catastrophic, something you will not study at the prestigious London School of Economics. 

Following blogs have covered the environmental nightmare that’s unfolding in China, or have reach the point of no return in some cases; while the mega economic growth speaks for itself in volumes, the scream of human and environmental toll is mounting ever louder, only if you have the ears to hear and the eyes to see!!!

The glitter of Wall street and the Wall-mart will not show you what you must see, realize and understand. So I implore you to investigate and study these blogs, and be part of the long haul solution.

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