day 678: “I know, I know” expression is rude.

scream-headerI know, I know”, wow, what a rude and mean way to cut off people. Of course it’s not done with such ill-intentions, more like an automated response system to inconvenience, irritation, or bother etc.

I can recall many times how ‘I know, I know’ have been used to shut off others. I have used it to show anger, irritation, instead of yelling ‘shut up’, I would say ‘I know, I know’ as a short and sweet way to cut them off.

But ‘I know, I know’ can be a state of denial too, where I simply reuse to take self-responsibility for something, so I just don’t’ want to be bothered about it now, so yeh, ‘I know, I know’ what do you mean but not now please. It can be a moment of self-realization, to pause and really listen to another specially when you have that urge to shut them off with ‘I know, I know’. So lot to consider in this trivial but universal expression of abuse which we have accepted and allowed as normal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the expression ‘I know, I know’ to cut off another from talking to me about a point that I am refusing to look at and take self-responsibility for.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to say ‘I know, I know’, to shut off another because I just don’t have the patience nor the interest to listen to their monologue, in that not seeing/realizing, may be, this being needs to discuss/rant and rave a bit about a situation they are facing within themselves, which is a point of support for them, so I see/realize ‘I know, I know’ is pretty uncool/rude way to discard another.

I mean, certainly I wouldn’t like it when I am cut off like that while me ranting and raving about something I am facing within myself. We humans like to talk, discuss, as a way to unload our inner burden and also to hear ourselves speak as a way to find solutions from our own words. It’s a cool support to just hear and listen to another unconditionally.

Within this I forgive myself for refusing to listen to another because I feel that I will have to provide them with a grand solution for their situation, this is not the case, listening is an act of care, providing a sound board for solutions.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react in anger when I am cut off with ‘I know, I know’, and take it very personally as if I am being shut down, or unheard. In this I see/realize people have certain pre-design, pre-programming, sort of innate ability (or inability) to hear some people and not some others, in this I realize if someone cuts me off, it’s not personal, so me reacting only makes things worse.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize treating a human being as if they are ‘not worthy of being heard’ is very uncool, and I certainly wouldn’t like it if it is done unto me. Within this I direct myself to pause and breathe whenever there is an urge within me to cut off another, or the urge to speak the words ‘I know, I know’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize in this vast mix of personality patterns, social and cultural patterns, some people are more inclined to listen to people whom they find more to their liking than some others, this could simply be cultural, age, gender, racial, regional, language, or just plain old familiarity, or just simply good old friends, in that a newcomer or a stranger, may not receive the same hearing, in this I see/realize you cannot demand to be heard, so if someone says ‘I know, I know’, I direct myself to not take it personally, or react emotionally, because I see/realize there could be hundreds of reasons why they said such, and it has nothing to do with me personally.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to speak the words ‘I know, I know’ to indicate ‘go away, get lost’, in this I see/realize I am only avoiding to look at something within myself, or attempting to protect my own self-interest.

There is preference, there is practicality, there is prejudice and there is pre-programming. Sometimes we prefer to cut off people as they are not upto our liking, may be they are too strange or foreign to us, too weird, or may be not cool enough, etc, and sometimes it’s simply not practical to share time and space, may be you’re in a rush to get to work, then there is prejudice, you simply don’t’ want to talk to them because one of their qualities like racial or sexual orientation or social status that you have some issues with etc, and more often you find ‘pre-programming’ is the cause, where you’re simply speaking out shit because you’re conditioned, brainwashed, pre-programmed that way, and this is where ‘I know, I know’ expression fits in.

So many dimensions to this ‘I know, I know’, there are no hard and fast rules to say which is which, it requires self-honesty in the moment to catch yourself to find why you say ‘I know, I know’ to another, and not to some others, or in some specific situations but not in some other situations. Could it be annoyance, impatient, inconvenience, fear, dislike, etc etc etc.

As I said, it cannot be generalized, and it requires total self-honesty to see it in the moment and STOP it. Because you will agree with me, no matter what, to say or hear the words ‘I know, I know’ is uncool as nobody likes to be unheard.

When and as I see myself speaking the words ‘I know, I know’, I stop and I breathe, because I see/realize I am accessing some emotional discomfort within me, and that’s why I want to cut off this being. I will not accept and allow this normal but rude conversational expression within me anymore. I direct myself to actually hear/listen to another as I would like to be heard.

Goes back to the golden rule, isn’t it. Listen how you would like to be heard. And breathe to slow down, so you can actually catch yourself in the moment as you speak the words, “I know, I know”. 

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