Why I am supporting Bernie Sanders for President

bernie_picLet’s get the gender card out-of-the-way.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren would have been my first choice but she is not running. A lady president would be just as fine as any other, I do think America and most men in this year 2015 are beyond the primitive mindsets of sexism.

So why Bernie and not Hillary? Let’s get to the root of it, money.

I am all for changing the system for what is best for all, call it the ‘common good’. And what would motivate politicians to work for ‘common good’, and what is ‘common good’ in this age of mega campaign funding from the billionaire class?

Corporate masters have proven without any doubt that they are only after profits at any cost, ‘common good’ is not their concern, even the so-called corporate philanthropy is a cover up, to hide the guilt of making loads of money while the rest of us (99%) continue to struggle in this dog-eat-dog casino style capitalistic economic system.

But the same brutal capitalism is not applied to the banks at their moment of need, we the middle class came to their rescue with billions in bailout. These multinational corporations including the banks have grown out of their national boundaries, they have become global controllers, and that’s not hard to see, billionaires  in India or US share very similar interests and easy access to all levels of state powers. Nothing personal here, not trying to demonize the billionaires, in fact only showing that those with billions can influence the political process in any democratic country, not just influence but buy out even the supreme court to favor their agenda. Citizen United ruling is just one example, you can find ample examples how billionaires are influencing politics from school board elections to presidential.

Hillary is funded by those billionaires, therefore she is obliged to serve them once in office, no matter how saintly, qualified, noble or experienced Hillary Clinton is as a person, she has no choice but to serve the masters who are funding her election. It’s a no brainer, this one and only point should disqualify Hillary for public service because she is no longer in public service, only in the service of the corporate elite, whereas Bernie is entirely funded by the public therefore accountable only to the public which is rightfully termed ‘public service’.

Corporate powers have overtaken democracies worldwide, they probably didn’t intend to, but overtime, this process happened, now the world is run by the oligarchies behind the scenes.

Bernie is promising to take mega money out of politics and a return to good old public funded elections. This is fantastic and a return to real democracy, where money will not be the influencing factor but public policies and their details etc, ‘common good’ will become the main point of debates among the candidates without demonizing each other, then the people can choose which ‘common good’ they prefer, this is democracy, by the people for the people; elected leaders with honor and pride can serve the public, creating and ever-expanding common good, how noble is this.

Bernie has promised an elaborate set of proposals, from tuition free education in public universities and colleges, healthcare for all as a human right, checking TPP and keystone pipeline issues, 2-state solution to on-going Israel/Palestinian conflict, and my favorite one is ending private prisons. And things like ending institutional racism are high of his list too.

That’s Bernie’s idea of ‘common good’ and he is in public service to accomplish them. Whereas madam Hillary Clinton is not in public service, as mentioned she is in the service of the corporate powers therefore even her proposals for ‘common good’ are not trustworthy, as she can without notice flip on them by the direct orders from her behind the scenes corporate masters.

I don’t want to use personality characteristics like ‘honesty’, ‘integrity’, ‘power-hungry’, or ‘money-hungry’, ‘liar’, ‘popularity’, ‘charming’, ‘friendly’, ‘funny’, etc to prefer one candidate over the other, because I truly don’t’ know what’s in their hearts, I don’t know for certain if a person is honest or not, therefore personality traits are not accurate attributes to decide a president. Go by the proven record, follow their money sources, in that the choice is very clear.

Who is in public service and who is corporate service, here I argue that clearly Bernie is in public service to create and expand common good, while Hillary’s common good matters not, because she can’t serve two masters, the public and the corporate interest, certainly ending private prisons or cut-it-out Wall Street won’t be to the liking of her funding masters even though she says she would demand Wall Street to ‘cut it out’

When serving the corporate is part and parcel of the public service, then yes, it makes all the sense to serve and protect the corporate,  like providing subsidiaries to agriculture industry, we have to recognize corporate has an invaluable role in society, just that their mighty powers have become absolutely detrimental in recent years, and this must be checked not rewarded or protected. 

No wonder Bernie is calling for a revolution, it is a matter of urgency, otherwise corporate greed similar to our personal greed which has no limits, could devour the life out of this planet in its blind pursuit of happiness, which is money, addiction to mega money.

Therefore I support Bernie Sanders for President, to restore true sense of public service, to expand common good, to restore true democracy and to honor all parts of society. I believe that we shouldn’t demonize or destroy anyone for their past wrongdoings, including the corporate, we should put in legislative measures to prevent the past from repeating, to correct the past, and to create a future that is best for all. 

Even the military industrial complex can be transformed into an entity that serves the public, think of it as a ‘goodwill force in public service’, a far cry from the demon it is today, you may not know this, the initial internet communication protocol was designed and developed by the US Department of Defense awarded contracts as early as the 1960s. (see wikipedia on History of internet). Even the demons have the potential for transformation and goodwill.

Transformation is the key, Bernie Sanders is not just a same old, same old candidate, he can set the stage for transformation.

As a personal responsibility, the normal citizens must transform themselves, stand up for what is best for all, not just in this election, but in every public affair, so we the citizens can elect our leaders to increasingly expand common good, ultimately resulting in a world that is best for all.

In my humble view, Bernie is a good start in the right direction, while the other candidates including Hillary who are in the service of the corporate will be just same old, same old. To a greater degree, it is near impossible to escape this system, even the good-hearted people have no choice but to serve the money system and its masters, it’s a survival thing, and you can’t blame them, this is why changing the system from within is a revolutionary act, Bernie is a rare candidate willing stand Equal and One with the system and change it without any revolt, protest or violence, only using the principle of democracy, by the people, for the people.



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