Day 685: Morning Zombie (7)

zombie-demonsSo continuing with my 21-days of writing about how I wake up in the mornings, as suggested by none other than the Ex-god Anu himself. (see

Strange, no specific feelings or emotions to report this morning which is a good thing, as for someone who always woke up with loads of emotions, it is rather strange to notice nothing much on the horizons of my mind. Obviously the pool of emotions is more like a sea, may be its calm this morning, I doubt all my emotions have vanished from sight, lol. As I THINK emotions will be generated, so can’t speak of ‘no emotions’, as they will arise as I THINK. But usually in the mornings, emotions seem to flood without me THINKING anything. Anyways, good no emotions to speak about today. I can breathe easily. Breathing is a difficult task when the mind is loaded with emotions, its like an effort. ‘oh god, let me breathe a little’. So exhausting to breathe.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to find breathing to be exhausting when my mind is loaded with emotions. When this happens I commit myself to keep on breathing, even try the 4 count breathing, to support myself to break thru the tiredness of breathing. It’s not that breathing is tiring, the mind is so consumed and occupied with emotions, it feels tiring to pay attention to breath, hence the sense of exhaustion. So the problem has its own answer, when it is tough to breathe, well, breathe thru the toughness, can’t be any simpler than that.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize ’emotions’ are generated as part of thinking. Within this I see that to stop emotions/feelings taking over, I just have to stop participating in THINKING. These are like back to basics in desteni tools.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize keeping myself busy, occupied, like in keeping the mind ‘focused’ also helps in avoiding ’emotions’. No chance to ‘think’ about stuff, when busy with studying, working, or attending to physical activities, its cool, not much space to generate emotions. Well during such busy-ness/business, if you notice emotions are being suppressed then that’s a red flag to investigate later in writing. Suppression is not recommended, unless you plan to investigate/write about it later.

So what kind of zombie am I this morning? Can’t be a nameless zombie, got to be something, so lets call it, ‘curious zombie’. Yeh, I am a bit curious about my state this morning, as no floods of emotions to talk about, no lingering emotions, nothing moving so to speak. I was busy last night and yesterday in general, may be that helped the mind to stay focused and sleep sound, which may have helped to wake up without the floods of emotions. Certainly how the day went yesterday would contribute to the night sleep and my state this morning, which brings me to another point: self-observant, self-awareness, notice things about self, in every moment, what you think, feel, reactions, even the subtlest ones, in that real-time correction/forgiveness is possible. BE CURIOUS about self. Be a curious zombie. cool.

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