Day 686: Morning Zombie (8)

zombie-demonsSo continuing with my 21-day process of writing about how I wake up. This is suggested by none other the ex-God Anu himself via (see links at the bottom, it’s a long story). 

Every physical body is different so no generalizations here. What I’ve found repeatedly is late nights are not supportive for my body. I was late to bed last night, and sure enough woke up feeling crappy. This is a very familiar feeling/emotion for me, and has led to many issues in relationships. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wake up feeling ‘cranky’ and cranked up. I forgive myself for believing that I am cursed so that’s why I have this terrible morning mood which I despise much.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel very unpleasant and often irritable. Within this I forgive myself for being very edgy meaning easy to fight/blame, be angry with anyone. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize the solution is to retire early to bed not past midnight which has repeatedly shown not very supportive for my body, though I enjoy staying up late nights as if going to sleep is a burden or something. Within this I forgive myself for not seeing/realizing the benefits of ‘early to bed, early rise’, similar to ‘early bird gets the worm’, which I can do without being cranky. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to repeatedly practice that which is not supportive, so the result is: what you practice makes you perfect, so if you practice the wrong thing, you master the wrong thing like repeatedly going to bed late and waking up all cranky.

As my body indicates, I have struggled with this sleeping pattern and its consequences. But the question I never asked is, why I prefer to stay up late? Why not retire at 11ish, max at 11:30pm, I mean adding one extra hour till 12:30am only makes things really unpleasant in the mornings, plus I lose a couple of hours, as not easy to wake up before 7am.

So if an hour is equally added to both sides, still it doesn’t do any good for me, there is some strange black magic about staying up late and getting up late in the mornings, even if the sleep time is exact. The sleep-slot has to be fixed and moved to the left, to make it early on both ends, early to bed and early to rise. This is bit tough as I have not practice this enough to master it, nor naturally ‘love’ it.

I guess this is how we create change, looking at our beloved patterns and correcting them after decades of practicing them into bad-perfection, like a smoker deciding to stop after decades of happy smoking. Some patterns though we have come to like and love must be stopped because the body is not responding nicely, signs of morning crankiness, feeling crappy etc, are signs to change.

Recently I saw a video on FB about a mining factory accident in Brazil which caused this dam to burst and it has turned the river into a river of death killing every living being on it, also changed the way of life for many fishermen who for decades made their living by fishing, and not to mention millions of depended on this river.

Because the great capitalists in pursuit of happy profits, without any consideration for the environment went on with their plans until the disaster stuck. Now we can see the consequences, making people cry at the very sight of dead fish. In fact they are crying for their own death, the signs are there, signs of self-destruction are all there to see. Change is a matter of urgency now.

At a personal level, my signs of self-destruction are clear, that which I accept and allow repeatedly when my body/environment shows me otherwise. I commit myself to retire early to bed and rise up early, I realize this is so much easier said than done, but that’s why I am re-committing to give another shot at creating a new pattern instead of the decade old late-nights/late-mornings pattern. Time to change this morning zombie forevermore. 

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