Day 688: Morning Zombie (10)

zombie-demonsContinuing with my 21-day morning process as suggested by Anu (see links at the bottom, it’s a long story).

This morning I missed to write, I was late, ideally you want to capture the morning state of mind quickly before it fades away. I had an interesting dream which contributed to how I woke up, mostly feeling sad, lost even abandon somewhat, may be that’s why I didn’t write this morning, I guess I knew there was bit too much going on, so allowed myself to get on with other things.

But here/now looking back, yeh I didn’t want to talk about the dream, I think I will (I must) write about it on my private blog. It has lots of fears, fear of loss, sadness all that bit too much for a public blog. lol.  Dreams are clues, they reveal something, I am not a dream-interpreter but the emotions that came up tells me a lot about myself, and those points I need to write about it. If anything dreams show the stuff I still accept and allow within me, nothing more, no it’s not a message from God.

So when and as I dream and notices emotions in them, I direct myself to write about them, because I see/realize the dream itself may be just that a dream, but the emotions in it are real. Specially how I reacted, moved myself this morning definitely shows the dream-emotions had an impact on me.

So that’s all for today, a fearful morning zombie, thanks to an emotional dream.

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