Day 692: Inadequacy

stressed-womanWhat are your ideas of inadequacy? I don’t’ have my own private jet, now that’s an imaginary fantasy land inadequacy because practically speaking I am not in a position to practically achieve such thing.

There are number of things fall into that category of inadequacies. Only a self-honest assessment can tell which is which. Also in my life I have practical inadequacies, I mean, ‘not enough’ I could go get them, achieve them, create practical targets etc, for which I require planning and self-movement.

For some people, even getting a home of their own is not a practical goal, so it will remain a heartbreaking inadequacy. But should you emotionally and mentally suffer because of it and compound your misery even more?

Here I can share a terrible story. During my teenage days there was this family adjacent to my house back in Sri-Lanka, it appeared they were trying to immigrate to Canada (of course for a better and safe life). Now this is a practical need, and myself also sought the same practical goal.

For this particular family however increasingly it became clear that they don’t’ have the means nor the connections to get their visas. You could say ‘they went crazy’, the couple was so obsessed by the idea of going to Canada, they kind of lost sense of their practical current life situation, things they must do with their 2 kids etc.

The last time I saw them you could see a considerable drop in their well-being, it’s like they have decided to be so depress like saying ‘if I can’t go to Canada I am going to die in depression and even go crazy’. They have become the living embodiment of ‘giving up’, their family life was going downhill very fast, all because of an idea and not meeting that idea has created an unbearable inadequacy therefore the conclusion is ‘better to die in depression if I can’t go to Canada’.

That’s the power you give to ideas and when you can’t meet those ideas, you will be so dis-empowered and inadequacy feelings like, ‘its better to die than to live without this’. Its been over 25 years since I last saw them, I remember their 2 kids who were so cheerful, full of life, I remember how well one boy could sing, but unfortunately the couple became increasingly depressed and unable even to manage their normal middle class life. I don’t’ know what happened to them subsequently, ideas of inadequacies have destroyed their lives.

On the plus side of the story, the couple planned and gave their best to leave the war-torn country; you see eventually, the idea of immigrating to the West became like a social status thing, true the first reason is to escape the war, but secondarily (more subtly of course), going to the West was like reaching heaven so as many families left, it increasingly became a social pressure point to achieve the same. It was truly like ‘better to die than not to immigrate to the West’. And going to India or Malaysia as war refugees was only a step to get to the West.

So this couple, yes they gave their best, but couldn’t make it, I recall hearing that the agent betrayed them etc (agent is the guy who makes a killing by illegally taking people to the West, this was long before the 9/11 era where traveling with fake passports was like a walk in the park, and then at your destination port you declare yourself as a refugee, an asylum seeker).

So despite their best efforts, they failed to reach their practical goal, creating a severe inadequacy. Unfortunately it became a crippling depression and life went totally downhill for them. That’s where self-forgiveness could have saved them. It could have released the ideas, the feelings and emotions, the cravings etc, and given them ways to practically look at structuring/establishing their lives locally.

So after all the war didn’t kill them, but it appears the stubborn feelings of inadequacy have done the most damage.

So check your ideas of inadequacies, write them down, separate the fantasy from the practical, self-forgive the feelings/emotions you have attached to them, and for practical goals create/find ways to achieve them. And should you fail on some, let them go, don’t let a stubborn feeling of inadequacy destroy your current life situation. Feelings of inadequacies are so powerful, it can and will destroy. Self-forgiveness is your life-saver. 

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