Day 693: Gratitude

agentI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use ‘gratitude’ as a trick, in the hope that if I showed gratitude in my daily living then the Universe will appreciate me and my gratitude by rewarding me with more goodies.

Here I clearly see that my starting point for the application of gratitude like in the law of attraction is to GET MORE. Who am I trying to trick? who am I trying to impress with my gratitude?

Once such trickery is removed, I can practically show gratefulness, yes, I am grateful that I am healthy, I have a roof over my head, I have food on my table etc etc etc, I have the possibility to live a life of full potential while millions starve to death. yes I can show gratefulness to folks I deal with, as they too give me support. here I see gratefulness can be a living expression in small things, in my words, actions and thoughts. Also I see/realize real gratefulness cannot be possible until no child goes to bed hungry. I mean how can you be grateful when millions starve to death in this world?

So I commit myself to keep gratefulness as a living daily application in small day-to-day things, while reminding me there is a big picture also. I commit myself to not trick people with gratefulness in the hope that some GOD in the sky will reward me for my gratitude. I also see gratitude is a process, step by step, as within so without, from small to larger, from inner to outer.

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