Day 695: Trap of Charity

teresaI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel bad and even feel guilty within myself when I realize that sometimes I am unable to fulfill acts of personal charity that are urgently needed right here in front of me.

Within this I see/realize personal charity alone however noble it is, ultimately cannot bring a lasting solution to this world where millions die in hunger and other preventable causes.

While I commit myself to do whatever that is in common-sense and practically possible within my means as in urgent personal charity, I do see/realize only my participation and commitment to change the system to what is best for all is the real work of charity.

So I commit myself use one of my hands for urgent personal charity while the other to change the system to what is best for all. In this I also see/realize that personal charity similar to corporate philanthropy has a brainwashing effect as well, as where we are encouraged to assist in soup kitchens and donate to salvation army etc to ‘help the poor‘ but never encouraged to ask ‘why poverty exist‘, and ‘how can we end poverty forevermore‘.

Within this I see/realize the feelings of feeling bad or feeling guilty can keep me trap in personal charity as I may return again and again to undo the previous bad feelings while the real work of charity will remain unnoticed.

So when and as I see myself feeling bad or guilty when I am unable to do acts of urgent personal charity, I stop I breathe, I ground myself in my body, from there I will evaluate my next practical step both in the short-term and long-term. And I do accept sometimes I simply cannot do anything in the short-term given the complexities and limitations of the situation but using the power of group dynamics of which I am ONE, can always create solutions.

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