Day 696: The time for Voter Apathy is over

bernie_picI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am wasting my time when I do political activities, not seeing/realizing apathy or inactivity in politics effectively transfers my responsibility to the corporate elite and their friends in all levels of government, to do anything as they wish.

Within this I see/realize I cannot blame them for the world we have today because my apathy and inactivity contributed to it meaning I didn’t care about what’s going on.

When and as I see myself accessing the belief, the feeling, “I am wasting my time, nothing is going to happen with the little political things that I do”, I stop I breathe, and remind myself the principle of accumulation where one by one the voices accumulate, and if I stop and become apathetic then there is no accumulation only stagnation, which permits the current abusive system to continue as-is without question.

I commit myself to realize even the smallest action like clicking the ‘like’ button can accumulate and contribute to a political revolution.

bern_gandhiI support Bernie Sanders for President. I have found him to be a rare politician whose words and policies are filled with common sense, that are best for all, with a proven record of over 3 decades in public service from being the Mayor of Burlington Vermont to now running for the President of the United States.

However, we must not mistake him as a messiah, the ‘one to save us all’, that would mean putting our self-responsibility on the ‘leader’ while we slack back and relax, that’s a recipe for disaster. While Bernie is leading the way, showing us the way, it is everyone’s responsibility to BECOME the FORCE, an active political participant in the system, standing one and equal and changing it for the best for all.

So Bernie or no Bernie, the political revolution he is inspiring must continue because we the citizen are taking back our self-responsibility from the corporate establishment. When citizens fall asleep, the corporations and their well-funded friends take over, it’s that simple.  So political participation is a must, it’s a responsibility, and the time for voter apathy is over.

Study the desteni material to learn how to change yourself from within, how to go from ‘I am a lazy ass, I don’t give a fuck about anything’, to a ‘political revolutionary’ that will bring forth what is best for all. It’s a process, a journey to life.

Investigate practical desteni solutions before it’s too late: – Participate in Forums or Search Desteni Material.
Living Income Guaranteed – An Economic Solution.
DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with Self Support.
DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews to Self Perfection.
Equal Life Foundation – Facebook Stream for Unfolding Events.
Creations Journey To Life 7 Year Process Blogs
Heavens Journey To Life 7 Year Process Blogs
The master of war – “Be a Cure, not a Disease”.
You’re me in another Life – by Bernard Poolman

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