Day 697: Wheelchair friendly

wheelchairI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not consider the term ‘wheelchair friendly’, not see how it makes a world of a difference to those who are wheelchair bound, and their mobility to get around in public places. It’s not about being politically correct, rather considering and placing myself in their wheels. I commit myself to not dismiss handicap people, they just have a physical limitation, it doesn’t make them lesser human.

Investigate practical desteni solutions before it’s too late: – Participate in Forums or Search Desteni Material.
Living Income Guaranteed – An Economic Solution.
DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with Self Support.
DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews to Self Perfection.
Equal Life Foundation – Facebook Stream for Unfolding Events.
Creations Journey To Life 7 Year Process Blogs
Heavens Journey To Life 7 Year Process Blogs
The master of war – “Be a Cure, not a Disease”.
You’re me in another Life – by Bernard Poolman

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