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day 659: giving support starts with self-support

the purpose of lifeAbout supporting others, in this I see/realize the first thing to do is not take others or their minds personally. Sort of giving them the benefit of the doubt, here the difference is, this is not a doubt, but a real true potential that exist in all. So to see their potential, to hold that potential while communicating with others is a great first step in providing any support. Sometimes or rather many times, I have not seen the real potential in others, only their minds and its fury. Also if I am reacting and becoming all emotional because of their minds, then, I can’t be of any support at all, this is common sense. Reacting to ‘anything’ about them, their voice, words, actions, ethics, habits, clothes, appearances, all those things that I could potentially react to, is something I have to watch out for and STOP. Because I have noticed how I react to those things in people. How someone speaks, their ‘annoying’ tonality, etc can cause a severe irritation in me, to the point where I could tell them to shut up. When I react not only I push them further into their minds, but also diminish myself into my mind.

Obviously without self-support one can’t support another, I have to slow myself down, stop my mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings etc, only then, I can move onto supporting others.

I forgive myself for not seeing/realizing, when I support myself to slow down, breathe, be here, I am in fact able to support others. Otherwise I will be operating on a preacher mode, which nobody likes. Preachers can’t support, they can only lecture. To support another, I have to see/realize their potential as well as see my own potential and live it.

When I am looking for attention, I can’t be a point of support, because obviously I am trying to feed my mind, so how can I be a point of support? To support others, there must be no want, no need, no energy seeking, otherwise support is just a cover up to get attention/energy.

With the quantum physical mind emerging, lots of situations will arise for giving support, and for this one has to be ready within self. Not taking things personally goes a long way in this regard. Not taking anything about anyone personally. All throughout the day so many little reactions, annoyances, irritations, doubts, discomforts, worries, fears, views, opinions arise, all that have to be watched out for and stopped.

 I direct myself observe the little things, because I see/realize little reactions can still lock me down in my mind programs. Recently, I signed up for becoming a moderator for porn and masturbation FB group, this is a big step for me, learning to give support to others as I would like to be supported, in this I see/realize not to take anything personally, and also support myself to stand up as an example. I mean clearly if I am still doing the porn things and addicted to masturbation etc, how could I possibly be a support point? One has to support self before can give any support to others. Things like porn and masturbation are long gone from my list of addictions, though not 100%, still there are days where a hot image can excite me, cause a reaction with myself, but I have come a long way in not giving into those urges. I think I can stand as a point of support for this group, and clearly, as we support others, we also support ourselves, Support is bi-directional.   

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