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RIP #PhilHughes

philToday we heard the sad news of the Australian cricketer #PhilHughes who passed away due to severe head injuries caused by the cricket ball. Totally freakish and unlikely accident to be hit by a bouncer to death.

While the body returns to the physical, #life continues in the hereafter understanding, self-realizing and taking self-responsibility to create a world that is best for all, so no more deaths due to starvation, murder, war, poverty, homelessness etc. While we mourn the untimely demise of Phil, we recall that nearly 21,000 children die daily due to hunger or related diseases, we can prevent those. I am certain Phil will be batting now for that cause, to create a world that is best for all.

Here listen to many who are speaking from the hereafter.

RIP #PhilHughes and stay strong #SeanAbbott.