Day 445: Pause at In-Breath to stop/break the MIND-MOVIE

breathing. take a deep breath. place a pause at in-breath. I am directing myself to breathe with awareness, as I see this is a MUST do thing, I mean, I cannot continue to ignore my breath. There are lot changes I need to do to my life, I mean so many little adjustments, changes, for better, as I see they are pilling up. But first thing first, I must breathe with awareness. I must place that pause at the in-breath. It doesn’t take too long just for a sec or two, in that way I can pause the mind from constantly running wild. I am missing my life here, I am missing living here, because I am STUCK in the MIND, constantly THINKING, THINKING some shit, even if I am not actively self-directively THINKING, there is always some kind of shit thinking, like background music going on in my mind. So this in-breath pause will pause the MIND-movie. Like applying breaks on a car to reduce speed.

I direct myself to see/realize that ignoring my breath is not an option, its not living, its just automatic living. NO awareness whatsoever.

I direct myself to pause at in-breath. I commit myself to SEE/realize that Pausing is to Pause the MIND-movie.

I commit myself to breathe as often as I can with that in-breath pause. in that stopping the MIND even from background noise.

I mean otherwise what’s the consequences, constantly running music, songs, stories, fears, angers, all that endlessly speeding away. The in-breath pause breaks that racing car, that momentum, at least for a moment.

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